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Why Recycled Pallets?

The answer to that question is simple --- Bottom line simple --- Money! There are also the obvious environmental reasons to buy Recycled, as opposed to new, Pallets. Using Recycled wood lessens the need to cut trees. Less forest devastation. Less soil erosion. Cleaner rivers and lakes. Less fossil fuel burned by trucks, chainsaws, skidders and loaders. Less air pollution. Less highway wear and tear. A better life for animals and humans.

Recycled Pallets are Pallets that have been used before. That's all. No more. No less. Just used pallets. At Custom Recycling, Inc., we bring them in by the trailer load. We sort them and repair them as necessary. Our six repairmen, who boast more than 80 years experience between them, use high quality nails, driven with powerful pneumatic nail guns. The shank of the nail we use is twisted to reduce the possibility of working it's way out.

The Remanufactured Pallets sold by Custom Recycling, Inc., are built with high quality lumber taken from pallets disassembled in our shop. We use the most recent technology available to dismantle otherwise unusable pallets with top-line bi-metal bandsaw blades. We cut stock with a state-of-the-art end trim saw. Runners are sized with the latest in long arm band saws. We have experienced, dedicated employees who turn out a quality product at a fair price, to attract return business.

The bottom line is Recycled, Repaired or Remanufactured Pallets save your company money. Money for raises; Money for those high insurance premiums; Money for expansion; Money that can be used for other purposes while attaining the same goal: Your quality product on a quality pallet. Money for a better bottom line.

Why Custom Recycling, Inc.?

Custom Recycling, Inc., is dedicated to serving the needs of our customers. We make every attempt to deliver a quality product, on time every time. We have a 99% on-time delivery record, and strive daily to improve that record. We use new, leased tractors to insure limited breakdown and/or out-of-service time. We have our own trailer repair shop and a full-time mechanic to reduce down time.

Custom Recycling, Inc., president, Jim Bango, sees his company as a service business, as opposed to a product business. We are in the business of keeping our customer base supplied with pallets. We sell Recycled, Repaired and Remanufactured Pallets to accomplish our goal. In that quest, we have delivered as few as eight pallets to a customer to keep his production line going while we build his order.

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